“Change happens through movement and movement heals”
 ~Joseph Pilates

I trained with Stott Pilates and I completed Comprehensive Mat Training in 2009 and since then have been teaching Mat Pilates in the community and also expanding my knowledge and skills, attending various workshops and seminars and taking classes with experienced instructors in the community. I also completed Barre Training level 1 with Leslie Guerin and I have been attending and practicing intermediate Jazz technique Class at Drouin Dance Center for the last 2 years.

A typical Mat Pilates class focuses on holistic body fitness, emphasizing core work, elongation of muscle, flexibility, coordination, graceful movement and flow. The class offers a well-rounded and complete fitness experience. Mat Pilates focuses on integrating the entire body using your own body weight, gravity and sometimes the use of small props, promoting ease and efficiency of movement through a focused and controlled series of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates greatly complements yoga practice and can be very therapeutic in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

I currently teach several public Pilates classes in the community and offer private sessions as well.