Love all the family-oriented classes, as well as the kids enrichment room offered at the same time as adult yoga!


(Adult Yoga Student and Family Programs yoga student)

Thank you for making Ilyana’s birthday celebration special! With much patience and warmth you guided eight giggly girls through yoga on a Friday afternoon –at the end of a school week with limited outdoor play time. I appreciate your flexibility, from planning yoga and relaxation activities to adapting to the flow of our party, which included making time for a light snack and incorporating a read aloud and take-home art projects. I would gladly recommend your studio and party service to friends, family, and strangers alike!


(birthday girl mom)

Thank you so very much for offering your time and talents to our Girl Scout Troop this evening!
Everyone REALLY enjoyed your fun approach to yoga, and all agreed that we want to plan a yoga get together at one of your teen classes this summer. I think we all walked away with a great perspective on yoga and meditation and the benefits of both. You are a wonderful instructor!


(Girls Scouts Troup Leader)

Aleksandra Townsend practices and teaches Yoga with beauty, grace, intelligence and humor. She possesses a profound sense of physical intuition and integration, blending movement, balance, and strength into a seamless and beautiful flow. I’ve been fortunate to experience Yoga through Aleksandra’s instruction. She is a powerful and gifted Yoga instructor who effortlessly guides her students through multiple levels of development always ensuring calm, strength, and confidence.
As a result of Aleksandra’s articulate and thoughtful Yoga instruction and encouragement, I’ve discovered endurance and physical satisfaction beyond what I thought myself capable. I feel better, am more fit, and enjoy all the benefits that naturally come with skilled practice and positive relaxation.
I wholeheartedly endorse Aleksandra’s devotion and lifelong passion to Yoga and Yoga instruction and happily recommend her classes.

Donna B.

(Adult Yoga Student)

Aleksandra is a natural teacher in every element. Humble and willing to learn yet confident and assured of herself, she is the perfect balance.

Leslie C.

(Adults Yoga Class)

Thank you so much for offering this class! I can’t begin to tell you what a support it’s been both physically and mentally though my pregnancy!

Lindsay H.

(Pre-natal Student)

When I first signed-up for prenatal yoga, I did not know exactly what to expect, but it turned out to be the most wholesome activity I did during my pregnancy! From week to week, I couldn’t wait to be back on the mat, guided by Aleksandra’s expert and mindful practice and connected with other moms-to-be in a nurturing and supportive environment. It was a great opportunity to give my mind focus and my body some much-needed stretching and relaxation as the pregnancy progressed. I believe this peaceful and gentle practice made me more aware and appreciative of the miraculous changes taking place inside me. I am very thankful for making the choice to take prenatal yoga; it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Lenka W.

(Pre-Natal Student)

LOVE having a family-friendly yoga classes in Portland. Aleksandra and her teaching team have created a warm, welcoming, easygoing space for me and my young son to practice yoga, play, meet new friends, and relax together. I especially love that quality childcare is available to me if i want to take a class.

Nora J.

(Adults Yoga Student)

I love Spiral Tree Yoga! I have gone on several occasions and every time they deliver the best experience. In November I held my 5 year old’s birthday party at Spiral Tree. All of our guests (and their mamas) loved it. The facilitator was amazing. She guided the children through fun activities, yoga poses, and songs. They also had their faces painted. I love the atmosphere, the staff, and the programs. THANK YOU!!

Jessica C.

(Adult and Family Yoga Student)

I had tried classes at other studios before settling at Spiral Tree for your class. Thanks to your gentle manner and style of teaching, my time in class was often when I felt the healthiest and connected to my baby throughout the pregnancy. I took my yoga mat with me to the hospital and used it to get into various positions and movements to try to get contractions to progress. I was pleased to get through the delivery without pain meds and I feel that yoga helped to prepare me for what my body needed to do.

Elizabeth M.

(Prenatal Yoga Student)

I started my prenatal yoga class with Aleksandra at 20 weeks pregnant. I was anxious and excited to start and as soon as we begin class I felt completely at ease and relaxed. Aleksandra is such a great, soothing, kind, patient teacher. The class has been such a pure joy and instrumental tool thru my pregnancy. Without it I’m sure that I would not feel as great, confident and prepared as I do. If you are looking for a yoga class/studio with experienced, inspiring classes/teachers, you have found it. I would highly recommend Spiral Tree Yoga & Wellness Studio to anyone looking to gain a peaceful, growing experience!

Emily M.

(Pre-Natal Yoga Student)

My daughter recently celebrated her 5th birthday at Spiral Tree Yoga and the party was perfect from start to finish. Our instructor led the 7 girls, whose ages ranged from 20 months to 5 years old, through a fun yoga lesson that kept all of the kids excited and engaged for nearly an hour. Aleksandra’s warm demeanor and gift with children of all ages made it a great experience for both the kids participating and the parents watching from the sidelines. The kids then enjoyed making beautiful meditation jars, followed by cake time and even some concluding silly dances and yoga moves that the kids loved. I can’t recommend Spiral Tree Yoga enough for your next birthday party!


(birthday girl mom)

Aleksandra is an amazing teacher. She always makes sure to present each pose with multiple modifications, which means that students of many different levels and with a variety of injuries and restrictions can all participate in a meaningful way. Although some moves are repeated every class, Aleksandra varies the flow, makes subtle shifts to the movements, and uses props so that your body is safe and challenged in different ways. Her upbeat demeanor and supportive approach encourages students to participate to the fullest extent.

Amy L.

(Adult Yoga Student)

I want to thank you for all your beautiful teachings and new ways of looking into oneself and life. You are truly a blessing for my life. And, I am so glad that Sofia, my daughter, has learned to appreciate yoga because of you!

Annie G. & Julie

(Mother/Daughter Retreat)

Aleksandra is a spiraling inspiration to me and her students. She teaches with compassion, grace and full heart presence.

Annie T.

(Adults Yoga Student)

I took a Open Heart Flow/Restorative Reiki workshop with Aleksandra. You had made us feel comfortable by heating our beautiful space and lowering the lights. When we started I really liked that you introduced yourself and told us what to expect during our workshop and workout. We did some poses and then truly enjoyed the Reiki portion of the workshop. There were approximately 10-12 students present and everyone seemed to enjoy the class. I enjoyed how my heart center opened up and the wonderful feeling of relaxation and clarity came over me. As a matter of fact, shortly after the workshop I had an epiphany and made a life changing decision.
Aleksandra thank you so much, it was a pleasure to be able to study this workshop under you. I am looking forward to more time and work with you.

Jana A.

(Yoga/Reiki Combo Student)

For the majority of my pregnancy, I took pre-natal yoga classes with Aleksandra and it was a wonderful opportunity to ground myself mentally and physically for the birth of my first child. So I was thrilled when she began to offer parent/baby classes right around the time my daughter was born.

From the time she was seven weeks old, we have made Saturday morning yoga part of our weekly routine. I get all the usual benefits of yoga, with the added bonuses of getting to spend quality time with my daughter and interaction with other parents. I also feel the class was invaluable in helping to get re-oriented to my body after the changes of pregnancy and childbirth.

Aleksandra does a fabulous job of adapting the class to meet the needs of the tiniest yogis, and while bringing a baby to yoga means that experience is different from a traditional yoga class, it’s no less enriching. My daughter is 6 ½ months old now – and when she ages out of the class I’ll truly miss it – at least until she’s old enough for family yoga!!!

Leah T.

(Parent/Baby Yoga Student)

Spiral Tree is a sweet little oasis of yoga in the Rosemont neighborhood and in the community. I was glad to find the gem when I moved into the area. Aleksandra is a talented teacher who simultaneously challenges and nurtures her students. I always leave class feeling recharged spiritually and physically.

Kathleen F.

(Adult Yoga Student)

Spiral Tree Yoga, where have you been all my life?!? I have spent many years looking for a yoga studio that offers just the right balance between physical exercise and a meditative practice. I have finally found it thanks to Aleksandra and all of the other truly fabulous teachers at Spiral Tree.

Ellen A.

(Adult Yoga Student)